Rose was born February 20, 2019 in a litter of only two.  We dubbed them the Presidents day litter being close to that day. Rose is named for a Roosevelt but also Rose Carter, Jimmy Carters wife. Registered name is Mystik'l N Icon Carry A Big Stick With Banstock Her brother was name Carter.  

Rose was ready to start showing when the Pandemic of 2020 hit. She was schedule for an April show just as everything got closed down and shows were being canceled. So we have not been able to show her but have done her health checks at least prelims, on heart, eyes, hips and elbow, and we are planning a litter soon. On her next heat hopefully. More on that as it happens.  

Rose is living up to her name, Mystik'l N Icon Carry a Big Stick With Banstock. She is my only bullmastiff at this time, July 2021 and is a great protector and companion.  We have just confirmed a breeding between Rose and Winston, CH Icon N Gaffle's Silent Eagle (CHIC) I will create their own page for information on this Litter. Due August 21, 2021

These are our First breeding pair of Maine Coons. Phoebe  and Tate. Phoebe has normal paws and Tate has Polydactyly or extra toes  

They had their first litter April 21, 2022. All are taken but we hope to have more. Hopefully this fall.