We have had Bullmastiffs since 1998 with our first coming to us from ABA Rescue. We being, my husband Bob Hyke and myself, Linda, and Granddaughter Courtney. Bob and I are retired from the working world but not from life. 
 Lady captured our hearts and taught us much about the bullmastiff. She introduced us to the breed and started us on an adventure of our lives. 
 We bought our first show puppy in October of 2000 and joined the fanciers in the show ring soon after. Bonnie, Bountiful's Custom Made, took us on a joyful ride, teaching me how to raise, train and show a bullmastiff, bringing great friendships with many in the bullmastiff community. Bonnie was our first Champion dog. 
 In 2002, Ruby,  Barb'Eric's Mystik'l Jewel, came to live with us and soon after became our second Champion. In March of 2005 our Granddaughter Courtney age 9 years, received her first bullmastiff, Ben,  Homeguard's Ben Benjamin, from friend Frank Courtway of Homeguard Bullmastiffs, 
 Courtney and Ben, began their adventures along side us, learning to work well together in the show ring in juniors, and in life. Ben is Courtneys first champion. Trained and shown totally by her to his Championship. 
 In the summer of 2005 Ruby gave us our first bred by show puppy and first brindle, Cooper, Mystik'l's Full-O Cooperation. In 2006 we added our wonderful girl Blush, Showdowns First Mystik'l Blush from the Showdown Kennels, Sandra Statter. Blush at the age of 16 months, became Courtney's second champion dog, trained and shown totally by her. Soon after Blush became a Champion, Courtney finished Cooper at our ABA July 2007 Specialty, Taking Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best Brindle. So the story continues. 
 Come into our site and learn more about us and our wonderful dogs. We have much more to learn but hope to share what we have with those wanting to learn along side us.  
 More news: 
  Blush gave us our second bred by litter on March 23, 2008. We continue to have contact with the families. Harmony, Mystik'l's Pretty-N-Pink, stayed with us and  is Courtney's 4th puppy to train and show. At  22 months of age Harmony finished her Championship on January 21, 2010 at the Rose City Cluster with a nice 5 point major, and Best of Winners. 
   Harmony was bred at 3 years of age and presented us with 13 puppies. Colors fawn, red fawn and red.  A few will be in the show ring in 2012 and on..  We kept 2 here, Mystik'l's Sunrise Celebration, AKA Riser and Mystik'l's Summertime Ball aka Lucy.. 
   Due to my illness we placed Riser and Lucy in pet homes. It took me a year to get my health back but we are now moving forward with two new puppies, Amelia, Banstock N Highpoint's Mystik'l Top Flight, 01/24/2013 and Jace, Showdowns Wanna Do Bad Things, 03/13/2013, co-owned with his breeder Sandra Statter of Showdown Bullmastiffs. 
   Amelia finished her Championship at our winter ABA NW Bullmastiff specialty on December 5, 2014, under the expert handling of Sandra Statter, Jace finished in bred by with Sandra Statter, his breeder  and co owner handling him all the way. Health issues, human ones of my husband and mine have kept us from many shows over the past year but we are now getting back into it,..  
   We breed on occasion looking toward quality, not quaunity in our breeding program and to continue on with our life and love of  the bullmastiff. We occasionally having puppies for sale. We do not expect to have puppies again before 2016. We will be playing with the pups in the show ring and just in general. 
  We do hips, elbows and hearts clearances through OFA and or PennHIP. More on those in the links section. We do yearly full blood panels for thyroid and other health issues and do not breed if our dogs do not clear these tests. Health, temperament, soundness and conformation to the standard are what we look for when breeding. 
   We finished, Harmony's litter mate, Mystik'l's Azul Maverick, owned and loved by the Arzner family and being shown by Courtney, in January 2011 Rose City Classic. The Arzners now have Riser, Mystik'l's Sunrise Celebration, as well. He is their childrens companion. We have no plans on showing him. 
Check out our links page. Find information on the American Bullmastiff parent club, OFA, PennHIP, Rescue. 
  We are now into the summer of 2016. Time has flown by. Looking for good things in the future.. Contemplating a breeding with Amelia soon.  

Bob and Linda Hyke 
Courtney Smith 
Amelia & Jace 
Mystik'l Bullmastiffs 

Forever in our hearts 
Ch Barb'Eric's Mystik'l Jewel 
Ch Bountiful's Custom Made 
Ch. Mystikl's Full O Cooperation 
Ch Homeguard's Ben Benjamin 
10/12/04 - 02/20/2015 
GrCh Mystik'l's Pretty N Pink  
Ch Showdowns First Mystik'l Blush