Mystik’l Bullmastiff 
Linda Hyke
2929 SE 79th Avenue
Portland Oregon 97206

503 544 7222
Puppy Questionnaire
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Please complete the below questions and return to us for our file and records. Completing this form you are aware that all pets leaving our kennels are sold on a spayed or neutered contract and co owned until this is done. You are also aware that all show potential puppies are co-owned until such time they have finished their Championship and have cleared the health checks or are spayed or neutered..



e-mail address:


Names and ages of other family members:

1.) Why do you want a Bullmastiff puppy?

2.) Have you considered a Bullmastiff rescue dog?

3.) Would you be interested in pursuing that possibility.

a. Have you owned this breed before?
b. How have you educated yourself about this breed of dog?

4.) Who will be responsible for the puppy’s training and house breaking?

5.) Please describe what the puppies first 6 months at your home will be like.

6.) How do you feel about obedience training?
a.) How much time per day will you spend with your puppy?
b.) What hobbies do you have in which you could include your dog?
c.) Do you object to crate training?

7.) Have you owned a dog before?
a.) If so what happened to it?
b.) What pets do you currently own?
c.) Please list kinds, numbers and sex of each.

8.) What will happen to your puppy/dog if you suddenly become unable to keep him/her?

a.) Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs? Dog dander?

9.) What would you do if your puppy/dog was hit with a medical problem you could not afford to treat?

10.) Do you own or rent?

a.) If you rent, does your landlord know what you are considering purchasing?
b.) Do you have permission or a clause written in your rental agreement allowing you to have a LARGE dog?
c.) Describe your living situation (fenced yard, etc.).
d.) Would you be willing to let me visit your home, to see where the puppy will live

11.) Who is your best source to ask rearing, health and diet questions to?

12.) What do you expect from your breeder?

13.) Please describe the color, sex, show or pet puppy. .
a.) Do you have a second choice in color?
b.) Are you set on the sex?

14.) Please list the name, address, and phone number of your regular veterinarian.

15.) Please provide the names and phone numbers of two non-related references.

16.) Please provide the name and phone number of your closest living relative (and state relation to you).