Harmony Ch Mystik'l's Pretty N Pink, is our girl out of Ch Highpoint's Zoolander, Max and Ch Showdown's First Mystik'l Blush, Blush. Harmony was born March 23, 2008, Easter Sunday. She is co owned by Granddaughter Courtney Smith and myself.  Courtney has finished Harmony's Championship, on January 21, 2010 at the Rose City Classic.
We bred Harmony to Ch A'Dell's Yukon Gold  She had a litter of 13 puppies born June 23, 2011 
This was Harmony's only litter. Having 13 puppies was like having 2 litters in one. She did an awesome job raising them with help from Jackie Hoffer and myself..  

Harmony stole my heart when she was born and continued to keep it with her throughout her life.  She passed in February of 2016 just short of her 8th birthday, From aggressive, fast occurring Hemangiosarcoma cancer. 

She took a chunk of my heart with her when she pasted.

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