Welcome to our world of Bullmastiffs. The best place to learn about and research the bullmastiff breed is through American Bullmastiff Association and ABA Rescue.  Rescue is such a wonderful place to go for your first bullmastiff and to learn about the breed. This will give you a direction to those who can teach and give you good direction to a quality breeder should you decide to add a puppy to your home. 
 Go to your local dog shows and meet with those showing the bullmastiff. You can find local shows at www.infodog.com for any state.
 This gives an introduction not only to the breed but to those of us who love this breed and can hopefully get you headed in the right direction. 
 It may take time to find a breeder with a puppy to share with you. Have patience, good things do come to those willing to research and wait for that right puppy to join their lives.
  Our first was through rescue, Lady was an older girl who captured our hearts and taught us much about the bullmastiff. She introduced us to the breed and started us on an adventure of our lives. Rescue is a wonderful way to become aquainted with the bullmastiff breed. One I would recommend to anyone wanting to give a deserving dog a new home and learn what it is to live with this awesome breed. Our story continues in the coming pages..
                                       Consider rescuing a dog in need of a new forever home.. 

This past year and a half, 2020 thru 2021, has been stressful for many.  It has kept me and my show pups home as most shows in the NW were canceled and are just now opening back up for exhibitors, soon for visitors, I hope.

I lost my husband and best partner to cancer in 2018. Placed his boy Jace with great friends, who have taken him to therapy dog excellence. I placed my beautiful red Gilly with my daughter and family in AZ. Lost my Amelia late fall 2020. Gilly passed this fall. so am now down to just my sweet Rose, Mystik'l N Icon Carry a Big Stick w Banstock. 2/20/2019 

Rose had a litter of 10 puppies August 20, 2021. We kept a boy Rhodie and placed Rose with friends who had a puppy from our Harmony litter of 2011 who they just lost this past spring. The other 9 puppies went to great families across the US and Canada. 6 hopefully will be shown in conformation. 

More on what's to come in some of the next pages